Morocco 98

Trekking in the Moroccan Sahara with Capital Radio and Across the Divide

lorry-rocks.tif riding in lorry.tif Lorry-rocks2.tif Group at start.tif Setting off.tif l-Camp.tif 1-big dune distant.tif 2-Big dune.tif
Transport to the start An exciting 2 hours!! Our group at the start Setting off Evening camp Big dune Colour of the sand
3-Escarpment.tif 4-Firm sand.tif 6-Lone tree.tif 7-Lone traveller.tif a-Barchan dune.tif Ami-desert expert.tif Lahsan and I.tif Lahsan in style.tif
Escarpment in the distance Lone tree Lone traveller Barchan dune Ami - our Israeli desert guide Lahsan and I Lahsan in style!
Lizard.tif Wet picnic.tif group on bank.tif e-Gathering clouds.tif Lunch in dunes.tif m-Campfire group.tif Nomad'smosque-graves.tif plant with sand.tif
Lizard warming in the sun Wet picnic, the start of the rains Far group on bank Gathering clouds Lunch in dunes Me and the cooks! Nomad graves The start of a dune