Morocco 98

Trekking in the Moroccan Sahara with Capital Radio and Across the Divide

Landscape from rocks.tif c-Cloudy landscape.tif d-Evening sun again.tif Sunset.tif Village children.tif Village children2.tif Kids with fossils.tif i-Planting out.tif
Far landscape, the route below Cloud lifting Evening camp - the sun again Desert sunset Village children Fossil sellers Planting out - henna
wall construction.tif Sahdia sliding.tif 5-Grass in sun.tif g-New dune.tif h-New dune2.tif n-Cheating-sore knees.tif Sunset children.tif Group finish.tif
Building walls Sahdia in the playground! Grass landscape The start of a dune A lift to save the knees Children at sunset Group finish!
h-Lorry-bigsplash.tif j-Riding on lorry.tif Lorry-town.tif Sunset from plane.tif
The ride back! Air-conditioned comfort Homeward bound