Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile

A trek in October 2005 for Cancer Research UK with a group from all over Britain, a mad, bad, hilarious great bunch of people with highs and lows of emotions - an unforgettable experience!

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Apprehensive start to Day 3 The wind whips the lake Lake Skottsberg Hugo sampling the flora Suspicious characters! Chris, Hugo, Alistair and John Carla, Hans and Raffa
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Chris battles against the wind 80 - 90 mph winds in the French Valley Chris is blown over! The high point! Day 4 - warm up We leave Pehoe camp for the last time Pause before the wind
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Lake Skottsberg again The weather relents Avalanche after the snow of yesterday Trying the intrepid explorer look The bastion of Cuerneco Principale Lingerie of the mountains A quieter bridge than yesterday! Lago Nordenskjold
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we walk beside it for 11 kilometres Monochrome pebbles What a beach The weather keeps improving