Profile - A self-portrait of the artist at his
favourite place; Marloes Beach,
Pembrokeshire. A place of many memories,
dramatic surf and unforgettable peace.

Welcome to my site, it has been a long time coming and I suspect it will never be quite as I like it, but as Thierry of Zig-Zag said to me once, 'the pursuit of perfection is the road to the devil' - so, here it is, warts and all.
Explore it, enjoy it, and please e-mail me if you would like further information on the treks, I am happy to talk to you, either in person or via e-mail. The watercolours are being added to as I find time to scan them. I sell them, and make unique frames for the prints; and of course there are greeting cards to be bought - printed with your own unique message if required.

"But risk we must, because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing. The man, the woman who risks nothing does nothing, has nothing, is nothing." - Anon

"If you think you are poor, then look around you at the things you have that money has not bought, then contemplate just how rich you are." - Anon

Mike Jarman

I have attempted to capture the mystery of the Tuareg in a series of watercolours. I have been inspired by many sources in addition to my own, such as Angela Fisher's fine volume, Africa Adorned; I first saw the book at the home of local potter and glass artist Myra Wishart, who gave me the spur to start me on this series of paintings.
Watercolours and sketches from treks in the Mardi Himal region of the Nepali Himalayas and on the Great Wall of China. Wonderful opportunities to capture memories with paint and pencil.

March1997 - Trekking in the Moroccan Sahara with Capital Radio's fundraising for Help a London Child, an early expedition organised by Across the Divide. Experiencing the Sahara in rain and floods, a unique time.

Mountain walking and climbing over the years, a collection of images.
March 1998 - An ambition realised in the Mauritanian Sahara with Zig-Zag, a French company. We were a party of seven French, three Mauritanians, five camels and myself, sleeping under the stars, living as nomads.
April 2004 - A trek in the Himalayas as expedition artist with Concern Worldwide, organised by Across the Divide. We walked towards Mardi Himal, near Machapuchare, the most beautiful mountain in the world, with magnificent views to the Annapurna range.
October 2004 - Trekking on the Great Wall of China, again as expedition artist with Concern Worldwide, and organised by Across the Divide. Chris and I walked from the Jinshanling to the Simatai parts of the Wall with the group from Ireland.
October 2005 - A trek in the remote Torres del Paine area in Chilean Patagonia for Cancer Research UK, and organised by Across the Divide. Chris had written a project at primary school about Patagonia and it had left a lasting impression, she had no idea that we would one day be immersed in the landscape.