A self-portrait of the artist at his
favourite place; Marloes Beach,
Pembrokeshire. A place of many memories,
dramatic surf and unforgettable peace.







Winning a game of Mancala in Tinouchert, Mauritania. this ancient game is
played all over Africa, the lady's pieces were grass, Mike's pieces (he is on
the right) were camel dung!


Mike has had a passionate interest in North Africa and the Sahara ever since visiting Marrakesh as an impressionable seventeen year old in the company of a school friend. He has visited Algeria, Mauritania and Morocco a number of times and has now introduced his children to the magic of the Sahara, and the unforgettable experience of sleeping under a desert sky.
His series of watercolours, taken from a wide range of sources, attempts to capture some of the magic and mystery of the nomad. He has travelled as an expedition artist to Nepal and China and has an ambition to accompany the salt caravan from Timbuktou to Taoudenni, gathering further material for his paintings.
Mike was accompanied by his wife, Chris, on the China trip and they have recently returned from Patagonia. They live in Tonbridge, Kent. Mike is a director of an architectural practice.
Mike Jarman