Tuareg portraits

A visit to Morocco as an impressionable 17 year old to make 'a sociological survey of the Blue Men' changed my life. I try to capture the magic and mystery of the nomad.

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1. Tuareg from Atakor region 2. Tuareg woman from Iferouane 3. Tuareg pouring the first glass 4. Tuareg in indigo tagelmoust 5. Niger Tuareg 6. Tuareg herdsman
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7. Tuareg from Aïr region 8. Tuareg from the Tassili 9. Niger Tuareg at Cure Salee 10. Mali Tuareg 11. Tuareg herdsman from Nigeria 12. Herdsman from Mali
13. Wodaabe nomad tying turban